Stuck…stuck…. STUCK!

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When you feel stuck, it’s not fun.

You want to change your eating and you are determined to do it. So you do. For a day. Or half a day or a meal. And then you slip back into the old pattern that you’re determined to get rid of.

It feels impossible. You know you want to but you don’t know how.

You feel like you’re constantly fighting against yourself. And you’re tired. And it’s easier to just “give in” and eat. And especially when you feel bad, food is comforting. It allows you to escape, to numb the hurt, to fill the void, to feel better, even if it’s only for a few moments and then the hell of blame, shame, and guilt starts anew.

You’re not alone. And you always have a choice. Emotional eating is normal. It’s common to want to soothe. And it’s one of the easiest ways to find relief as a child. You’re not a kid anymore. You get to decide how you want to live. And when your emotional eating is affecting your health, you know you need a change.

There are two simple ways you can start today:

  1. Allow the emotion and start re-training your brain not to need to eat when you’re feeling uncomfortable (even though everything in your body will be screaming at you that you need to eat to relieve the pressure)
  2. Determine your triggers (most of us have specific ones), develop a plan, execute plan, then evaluate and make adjustments. Repeat.

This is one of the ways my clients learn how to move forward and heal their emotional overeating. They create better health with love, compassion, and a program tailored to their specific needs. You learn the skills, apply them, and then you will never feel helpless or stuck again.

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