The Future You

Let’s talk today about acting as if you’ve already changed.

I do my best thinking while hiking

Picture your future self.

Does he/she remind you of someone you already know and may admire?

Your future self is successful in whenever habit or lifestyle change you’re trying to make currently.

Maybe it’s eating less junk food, moving more purposefully, drinking less soda or hitting the gym a certain number of times a week….

When you picture yourself already at your goal, what thoughts are you thinking?

Is it hard to move through your day to day choices and activities or is it easy?

Which changes would need to be made to move from you now to you then?

What thoughts are you thinking now that are not serving you?

What actions and thoughts can you focus on to help you shift you thinking to help make the action of acting “as if” you have achieved her goal a little bit easier each day?

Asking yourself these questions can help you formulate the plan to move yourself forward through your discomfort while you execute changes in your life.

This life hack of accessing your future success thoughts and feelings can assist you in stepping into who you want to become.

If this sounds like something that interests you, let me know – I’d love to help you get there faster so you can start being that person sooner than you think you can right now.

Have a lovely day my friends!


Do you get up every morning and believe that you are worthy?

Most of us don’t take the time to consciously ponder this question, but if you ask yourself now and reflect on your life – you’ll quickly know whether you believe that you’re worthy of your current life.

As humans, our lives are shaped by our experiences from the time we are born. At the time we are born, we exist and we are worthy.

If we consider that we’re all worthy just for existing, does that change how you feel about your place in this world?

Do you think and treat yourself as if you’re worthy of existing? Taking up space? Inhabiting your body?

Our thoughts and beliefs determine our lives. Our self-esteem and self-worth is determined by our beliefs and our experiences.

A lot of the time, we let other people determine our worthiness, either intentionally or unintentionally. When someone else communicates with us what they think about us, we can internalize their thoughts and take them on as our own (usually unintentionally unless it’s a belief that we already have or one that serves us).

If we routinely do this, we are giving away our control and our self-esteem to others around us who don’t even know us on the same level that we know ourselves. Remember, our reality is created through the lens of our experiences. Sometimes we never stop to ask ourselves what we think about us and our lives and our worthiness. Unless we learn to value our own thoughts above all others, we can be overly concerned with outside influences and they can drive our lives.

What the heck does this have to do with weight loss, nutrition, body size and our mindset? Well, everything.

Think about this- if you don’t believe that you’re worthy, are you going to respect or love yourself?

Will you nourish your body and your mind or will you seek out ways to reinforce how other people judge you (for example, lazy, rude, ignorant, etc)?

Take a minute and think about what your life will look like if you make the choice right now to believe in yourself and your worth?

How will your life change?

Will you make better choices in your thoughts, your actions, your day to day food choices, what you spend your time on, what you dedicate your thoughts to? I believe that you will.

The first step, my friends, is to believe that you are worthy of everything you want to achieve. You can do this. I can help if you want assistance.

Have a wonderful day. Believe in your worth. I believe in you.


Beliefs are simply thoughts that we think repetitively that become automatic.

Almost all of our beliefs as adults come from our childhood and our experiences as we grew up and became who we are today. Good, bad, or ugly, our parents and the adult figures in our lives shaped our worlds and our thoughts, beliefs and view of others.

If you’re brought up in a loving, supportive environment, you tend to be more trusting and extend love because that’s what you know and have learned.

Conversely, if you’re brought up being told that you’re no good and constantly criticized, you’ll tend to adapt that attitude toward others and yourself. It usually isn’t a conscious way of growing up.

However, then, as adults, we discover that everyone else isn’t necessarily just like us. 

Other people may be more patient, more kind, more reactive, more temperamental.

It’s human to judge everything around us. It’s how we approach our lives, it helps protect us. These are the patterns we learned as we grew.

It’s human to have good days and bad days. It’s also human to go through life never questioning our beliefs, our core values and where they came from and if they’re even true.

Think about this for a minute.

What is something you believe to be true?

Then ask yourself – is it REALLY true?

DO you know beyond a shadow of a doubt that it’s true? And evaluate – how do you feel if it is true? What would you think if that idea didn’t exist? This is the essence of Byron Katie’s The Work.

Just like thoughts – beliefs are often automatic. We don’t tend to question them. We don’t think about them. We just believe them, we trust them, we only question them if they’re blocking us from something different that we want to believe.

Only then, when we’re aware of them and want to approach changing them, can we consider letting go of them.

Do you have beliefs that you’ve questioned before?

What beliefs about yourself do you have? Do they limit you? Are you curious?

Try it, let me know what happens!

Let’s stay in touch.

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