The Future You

Let’s talk today about acting as if you’ve already changed.

I do my best thinking while hiking

Picture your future self.

Does he/she remind you of someone you already know and may admire?

Your future self is successful in whenever habit or lifestyle change you’re trying to make currently.

Maybe it’s eating less junk food, moving more purposefully, drinking less soda or hitting the gym a certain number of times a week….

When you picture yourself already at your goal, what thoughts are you thinking?

Is it hard to move through your day to day choices and activities or is it easy?

Which changes would need to be made to move from you now to you then?

What thoughts are you thinking now that are not serving you?

What actions and thoughts can you focus on to help you shift you thinking to help make the action of acting “as if” you have achieved her goal a little bit easier each day?

Asking yourself these questions can help you formulate the plan to move yourself forward through your discomfort while you execute changes in your life.

This life hack of accessing your future success thoughts and feelings can assist you in stepping into who you want to become.

If this sounds like something that interests you, let me know – I’d love to help you get there faster so you can start being that person sooner than you think you can right now.

Have a lovely day my friends!

Making Changes

We all have a comfort zone.

Things that we like to do, ways we like to do things. However then do we ever change?

We step outside of our comfort zone.

I’ve noticed that when my desire to do something outweighs my comfort level, I tend to push myself forward no matter what.

When I’m contemplating a change but still uncertain if I truly believe I can achieve it, I tend to hold back, debate, feel uncertain, confused or overwhelmed.

These are my mind’s protective feelings. I’ve learned to recognize them.

I’ve learned to be aware of them.

And being aware of them and recognizing when they occur has helped me push through the comfort boundaries that I had previously set for myself.

With my weight loss, I’d find myself bargaining or rewarding myself in my head when I weighed myself. “Congrats, you lost xxx, so now you can eat that cookie… well, if we eat salad for the next 2 days, we’ll be sure to hit taht next weight goal then we can go back to where we feel comfortable”. Sound familiar?

I had a whole dialogue going on in my mind (that I wasn’t even necessarily consciously aware of)! Dang it gets crowded up there!

Then I learned about being aware of thoughts and how to use them to my advantage. How to guide the party in my head and use it to my advantage to change and grow.

Are you aware of what’s holding you back from achieving the body you love and the life you are enthusiastic to get up every day and enjoy?

Next time you’re feeling doubtful, uncertain, confused or overwhelmed, take a second to check in mentally. Are you feeling that way to protect yourself from discomfort? Are you actually holding yourself back unintentionally?

Get started making that change today – learn how to manage your thoughts to make those changes and live outside of your comfort zone to achieve the life you’re dreaming about currently!

If I can do it, you definitely can too!

And let me tell you, it’s freaking awesome!!

Have a productive and amazing day today.


I am reading a book about mindset right now, which has given me a lot of new information to consider.

It’s called “Mindset: The New Psychology of Success” by Carol Dweck, PhD.

The book navigates through the fixed versus growth mindset and the difference between the two and how both can live inside us in specific circumstances and how we usually lean toward one versus the other.

The most fascinating part of the book (other than geeking out on the research and real life examples) is the concept that mindset can be changed.

This is right in line with what I teach in regards to thoughts, feelings, actions, and results and how we improve our habits and our lives.

Our mindset can be adjusted, improved and altered. We’re not stuck. We can choose to consciously change from a fixed to a growth mindset. This expands our world and allow us to release the limitations that a fixed mindset can impose on us.

Thus, we’re only as limited as we choose to be. With a growth mindset, we understand (or can learn) that trying and failing and the process of learning is unending and engaging. With a fixed mindset, we may believe we are only so smart, so talented, so skilled, etc so we get frustrated when we are not achieving what we think we should be (y’all already know how I feel about the word should… if not, click here to review). I found myself feeling defensive during some parts of the book, as I can see where I’ve had a fixed mindset and also where I’ve learned to proceed with more of a growth mindset approach AND the differences between the two.

I’m summarizing what I’ve been reading, of course, and this interpretation is mine (and likely I’m probably not doing it justice).

I’m blessed to have a library at my gym so we can check books out. All of them are educational and inspirational and I am so grateful to my community there and the owner who is always encouraging each of us to grow.

Okay, I digress, back to mindset. How does this apply to improving and transforming our lives?

Our brains are awesome at setting us on autopilot and repeating the same things – over and over and over…. Even to our own detriment (repeating what we know is safe, right? Even if we’ve decided we want to change, that’s still only a thought, it hasn’t translated into action yet).

This can seem impossible to stop or change.

It can seem overwhelming to try to adjust.

The best news I can give you – it’s NOT. It’s all IN YOUR POWER.

Your world exists only in your mind.

Stop and think about it… reality is what we make it. We create our own lives.

Two people can experience the same event (circumstance) and come out of the experience with completely different perspectives and memories of exactly what happened.

How is that possible?

It’s because our thoughts create our world. Whether we have a fixed or growth mindset, we determine our reality and our lives by our thoughts. Have you ever considered that your life and experiences are unique only to you? Even if you share an experience with someone, they’re bringing their history, their past experiences, interpretations, and current reality into that experience and interpreting it based on their thoughts and beliefs.

So, just like learning that a growth mindset can be learned and nurtured, this is also true with our reality. This is the basis of how we begin to change. We first imagine we can, then think we can, then feel that we can, until we take action.

Every action begins with a thought and every choice we make is grounded in our mindset.

I think this is FANTASTIC – because if we’re not happy, we can change. All it takes is that first thought.

Have a wonderful day y’all!!


Results are the outcomes in your life.

They are the result of your actions.

As a reminder, actions are determined by your emotions which are determined by your thoughts about a circumstance. So ultimately, results are the objective outcome of your thoughts about a circumstance that are based on your emotions and actions.

Whether you feel like you’re choosing the results in your life or you aren’t, you are.

Your results are the direct outcome of your thoughts.

You create your thoughts. You create your results.

Your responsibility of what’s occurring in your life is yours. It’s a tough pill to swallow sometimes. Ultimately, our lives are based on our choices. And emotional adulthood is defined by taking responsibility for each of those thoughts, and choices, whether we like them or not.

Simple, but not easy.

With practice, we can learn to create the results we want by changing our thoughts, directing our feelings and accomplishing the actions that bring us to our results.

If we believe we can do something, we can.

If we believe the opposite, we won’t.

I believe I can change and then I do. Awareness of our thoughts is that first step, our outcome is our result.

If you’re not happy with one or more aspects of your life and your weight, you can choose to change.

That choice begins with a thought.

It’s almost magical to have someone by your side guiding you through the process of change.

The secret is that it makes it much easier.

To have support. To have a guide. To have a teacher and a knowledgeable friend at your side.

I know, because it’s worked for me. I have the experience and the knowledge to help in a variety of ways.

I’m not just a physician. Not just a nutritionist. Not just a coach. Not just a wife. Not just a step-mom. I am a person who has taken that journey already.

I had to do the work on my own, but having a coach to teach me, to guide me, to assist me, made it SO MUCH EASIER.

Having an objective friend who will point out when you’re not seeing what your brain wants to hide can be so transformative.

I wish I could teach this to everyone.

What a wonderful world this would be.

The choice, and ultimately the result in your life begins and ends with you.

I’m here whenever you’re ready!

Have a beautiful weekend.

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