I started working with Liz when I found out that I was pregnant with my second child. After my first pregnancy, I suffered from postpartum depression and anxiety.

My panic attacks became so bad that I was not able to leave the house.

I was also diagnosed with Grave’s disease where I needed to have my thyroid ablated. 

After having my first son, I was still 30 pounds heavier and with the mental and medical issues, I gained another 80 pounds.

With this child, I wanted to be more proactive with my physical and mental health so I reached out to Liz. 

    I talked with Liz daily at the beginning of my pregnancy.

One of my triggers for a panic attack is not feeling well, so she helped me work through food choices, menus, and nonfood related coping mechanisms.

With her help, I was able to manage my anxiety and my weight. I am now at 40 weeks of pregnancy and weigh a healthy 249 pounds. When I started working with Liz in the first trimester, I weighed 254 pounds.  

    Even though being able to keep my weight stable during my pregnancy was a huge concern for me, she helps me find balance.

I know how to track macros, count calories, and all the other diets. I have been on them.

I have been successful with them too, but I no longer have the diet mentality.

There are no longer good foods or bad foods, but there is a time and place for them.

If I fell off my diet before, I would binge on anything I could see, but now food does not have that power over me.

I feel more comfortable in my skin at 250 pounds then when I weighed 140 pounds prior to all of my health issues.

Liz has taught me to be proud of my body and celebrate it. I also know that she will be here for me if I struggle postpartum.