I just wanted to say to all of you guys that are on the fence about hiring Liz as your personal nutrition coach that you should jump off now!

I came to Liz after working with several nutrition companies and coaches without any great results.

I was always someone that had worked out and watched what I ate but I was frustrated with where I was.

Please note that I am 62 years old and a post breast cancer survivor with messed up hormones!

Let me just say that Liz will work hard and find the program that fits YOU! We tried a few conventional approaches and then finally found the one that worked for me!

And let me just say that losing weight and being where you want to be is not just macros and weighing food.

She made me dig into some mental roadblocks that were holding me back but was always encouraging and helpful!

I worked with Liz for about a year and have lost right at 16 pounds!

I have been on my “own” for several months and my weight is stable!

I am happy with “me” and she has given me the tools and the knowledge to sustain my loss and how to handle most situations as they arise.

Let me just say she is the best! Please don’t hesitate to reach out to her and see if she can help you too!