The Land of Should

In our lives, we often speak in “should”.

This term describes something we feel is not happening but is supposed to.

It is an immense source of frustration and discontent.

Don’t believe me? Try to go through a whole day without saying “should”.

It’s nearly impossible. It’s a subtle shift, but it can make a world of difference in your life.

Letting go and not “should”ing on everything (see what I did there? He he he) can lead to more satisfaction, less stress and more responsibility for your emotions.

Think about how you feel when you approach a situation as a “should”.

“He should have said this”, “she shouldn’t have done that”, people “should” or “shouldn’t” do these things.

It’s usually an action or reality that we find irritating, frustration and outside the scope of our acceptance.

People can do whatever they want (and they often do… much to our chagrin).

How we perceive and view their action or inaction is vital to our experience in the world.

Are we trying to dictate what other people around us say or do?

Do we love it when someone else tells us what we ought to do? I don’t.

It took me 40+ years to realize that I held the control over this aspect of my life.

It is absolutely freeing and amazing the way my world changed when I stopped (okay, well, I still do it out of habit but I’m working on it) should-ing everyone else and focused on owning my part in life’s interactions.

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