The wisdom of a child

Children have wisdom. And they speak their minds.

Children have honesty and love and persistence.

As we grow, we change. We learn to hide, to suppress, to shhhhhhh our emotions. If we were allowed to express them at all as kids.

Many times as adults, we wear a mask. We don’t thrive in our own selves, our true self. Our natural self. We may not even like that real self much because we’re so busy pushing it down all the time, like we’re trying to hold a beach ball under water. And occasionally our arms get tired and the ball pops back up. That’s what our emotions do too, especially when we’re always trying to shove them down, avoid them, hide from them or eliminate them.

Y’all. Children are wise. They give themselves permission to emote. To feel. To express. And they don’t care what you think.

Feeling and allowing our emotions is our natural state. And as adults, our mature, rational brain may feel uncomfortable with allowing the emotions to be along for the ride – but usually only because we’ve trained for years to suppress, avoid, and get rid of the ones that don’t feel good.

If this resonates with you – congratulations, you have a normal human brain. And there’s a better way than fighting with yourself. Especially if you feel shame around feeling. There is another way. A way back to ourselves. A way back to our feelings. A way to thrive. As an adult, as a human, to bloom in our emotional and physical health. You can do this. I can help.

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