The wrong question

Are you wondering “why can’t I just lose this extra weight”?

You’re asking the wrong question my friend.

We all want to be “there”.

Where “there” is your dream body, health, energy level and functional fitness ability.

We think it’s better there. Rainbows and kittens and sunshine and all that.

It’s why we want to go. And most of us feel entitled to it. I know I did. So we try to figure out a path from here to there. Preferably easy, preferably with minimal directions along the way.

We think we should be able to make a decision and then achieving the goal should be easy, smooth and comfortable.

Then we butt up against our brain.
It lies.
It tricks us into complacency.
It makes us feel like we’ve failed if anything is uncomfortable or hard.
It tells us to turn back.
It convinces us that it’s “not so bad” here… which at the same time seducing us that it’s “so much better” there.

But our brain also knows that here is what we know, it’s safer, it’s familiar, it’s easier.

Even when we’re suffering.

Your brain wants you to ask “why” and “how” do YOU STAY STUCK WHERE YOU ARE RIGHT NOW.

And that’s exactly where I come in to help you retrain your brain for success & permanent change.

We identify where you’re stuck, create and execute a plan (including smashing through obstacles together… you’ve seen “Wreck-it-Ralph”? Yup that’s us), we rewrite the story and rewire your brain along the way so you can have fun, show up, and succeed instead of holding back and continuing to get lost in the “how” and “why”.

My Thrivers learn how to do this for everything in along the way, and then they can apply it to every aspect of their life forever.

Because how we do one thing?
It’s how we do everything.

You want to lose weight & love your body and enjoy your food instead of struggling? Let’s do this.

You can be empowered with your health and life. This is knowing you make a decision and commit to seeing it through.

My friend, stop asking “why” and “how” and come work with me where we’ll create the version of you who’s ready to thrive and live “there”.

Email me today at to connect & get started.

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