This is the ONE THING missing in your journey

Diets failed me for years.

Or rather I failed at sticking to them.

The last one I tried did help me lose weight. And I was miserable for 12 weeks. And keep cutting my calories and by the end I was dreaming about food and counting the minutes until my next “meal” (if you could even call the 300 calories that). It sucked.

I had pretty much given up. I had my exercise dialed in but I was still stressed, tired and wanting to lose my last 7 pounds.

In the meantime, I had sought out life coaching to get help with my stress and anxiety.
And as I learned to manage my mind, I noticed I wasn’t overeating as much.

And I started to lose weight.

I was feeling my feelings instead of eating them. I didn’t feel restricted or stressed about it either.

It felt like a miracle.

At the same time I was still doing macro based nutrition coaching… and I started throwing some of the tools I had learned about managing thoughts and emotions into my coaching.

And my clients results blossomed.

Pretty soon I was the coach who was transitioning people OFF macros. To more of a body and habit centered type of eating and living. It felt kinder, gentler and more loving and sustainable.

This is how The Thrive Arena was born.

I believe we can all lose weight, overcome our overeating and learn to manage our thoughts and feelings to create a life where we thrive. Without cutting out our favorite foods. Without struggling, stressing, or suffering.

It’s not your fault if diets haven’t worked for you or if you gain weight back or find yourself frustrated. You just didn’t know how to work with your mind versus fighting against it. They don’t teach this to us in school.

It’s so much more simple, fun, and relaxing to focus on your life and let the weight come off.

This is totally possible for you, it’s your turn to thrive. 💕

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