Time – is it on your side?

Have you ever been curious about where time goes?

I know sometimes I have my head down, just trying to “get through” whatever it is I’m doing so I can move forward and focus on the next task afterwards.

This basically sucks the joy out of my life.

Work, home, work, home, etc.

Where’s the fun?

Once I decided to be curious about how I could incorporate more joy into my life, more fun into my day, and more presence into my activities my life bloomed.

Being fully present, focused, and constrained this year has had its challenges, thanks 2020 for throwing it ALL at me, lol.

I have found that practicing presence with each activity and only doing 1 thing a a time actually has made me more productive, has freed up more time, energy, and space in my life.

It was like a puzzle and once I had that piece – the whole picture became visible.

I’ve learned that when you head is down and you’re focused only on what is immediately in front of you, you miss the view.

When you don’t stop to smell the flowers along your run, you miss out on nature’s beauty. When you aren’t fully listening to your spouse, you miss that chance to deepen intimacy. When you are focused on getting through meals and homework with your kids, you miss the chance to connect and appreciate them as a person.

When you are thinking about how you’re going to “survive” this next work week, you time with your family, your trips to bring the kids to and from school or daycare, and you’re only focused on what you’re missing out on – you miss what you DO have. I suggest getting curious.

Ask yourself some questions:
☀️ why am I doing this thing RIGHT NOW?
☀️ Am I fully present, engaged, and focused on what I’m doing or am I letting my brain run unsupervised while I think about the 10 things I need to get done today or what I’m not going to get to or, or, or?

Most of the time when we’re not being intentional and conscious of our brain, we get bogged down with overwhelm, doubt, confusion and it’s a total drag.

If you’re not loving your day-to-day life, get curious. Ask why. Ask what your ideal day looks like and ask yourself what you could do to move closer to that vision. One small step at a time. Pick your head up and look around. ☀️

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