Mirror, Mirror…

I fell in love in October.

It was a conscious decision. I spent every day last month practicing this love.

I looked myself in the eye every day and told my reflection in the mirror “I love you”. I looked in my eyes, I looked at the fat on my belly, I looked at my acne. And I practiced loving all of it.

And in turn? My body and brain came together. My wall of defense started to break down. I allowed myself to feel. To forgive. And to love. Unconditionally.

And it feels so fantastic. I have more love for everyone. More patience. More understanding. I want everyone to know this confidence, this love. It’s soft and warm and luxurious, like you’re wrapped in the best blanket.

Start by looking in the mirror. And loving.

Don’t want to go it alone? Message me to get started with 1:1 coaching. You can eliminate your stress NOW.

3 months from now, you can be living your best life & health, confidently and easily.

Choose to thrive today.

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Bacon and Love

You wanna know how to life a freaking fantastic & healthy life:

Eat vegetables and fruit. 🍓
Eat protein at every meal. 🥓

Move your body in a way that you enjoy. 🤩

Have fun. Laugh regularly. Practice gratitude. Express love. 🥰

Let go of your stress. Make this a priority. Decide that you’re worth being happy and healthy.

Repeat daily. Small changes add up. The key is consistency, practiced with love. And belief. 😍

You can be your healthiest and happiest in the new year, if you don’t already have your plan in place, you want to set up coaching 1:1 with me now to start BEFORE the holidays.

What are you unwrapping with coaching?

More time, more energy, awesome sleep, amazing sex, connected relationships, permanent easy weight loss, and confidence with your decisions.

You’ll learn how to relieve any stress that life throws your way with confidence and balance (and know how to continue this for the rest of your life, no matter what challenges come your way).

Plus it’s more fun to do it together. 🤗🙌

Let’s do this! Start 2021 with your best health – in mind, body, and spirit.

Contact me today to set up your free exploration call – learn how to apply stress reduction to your life TODAY to create results.

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Like ice cream on a hot summer day

I used to get so excited (ok who am I kidding, I still do) to go get ice cream (the absolute best food ever, don’t argue with me, I will fight you).

There were so many choices of flavors for ice cream, occasionally it would overwhelm me and I would find myself frustrated by having to decide.

Because if I choose wrong, my whole afternoon would be ruined by a not-as-delicious flavor. And then it would dim my whole experience (at least this is what my human brain offered me)

Over time, I found what flavors I liked the best. And I stuck with them. Even to this day, I will choose lemon pie over any chocolate flavor.

This is exactly how every choice we make in life works.

Our power as humans lies in our ability to decide. To choose. To have our own backs after we decide. And to thank our brains for the warning and the FOMO thoughts (Fear Of Missing Out for those of you now scratching your heads).

When I’m triggered emotionally, I can respond or I can react. My choice. I sometimes would react to being overwhelmed by starting to cry (from frustration, from too many choices, from fear of making the wrong choice). If I cried though, this decreased my chance of actually getting said ice cream (as my parents would get confused, frustrated and we would leave to avoid making a scene in public). Conversely, I would feel the discomfort and FOMO make the best choice of flavors that I could in that moment. Decisions only take a moment to make. Our minds will always tell us we need more time. This can evoke emotion in us.

We can take action or allow the emotion to pass. We can use the emotion to learn something about ourselves ( for me most commonly: why was I frustrated when that person didn’t understand me, how could I have approached that conflict differently, am I overreacting, will the wrong ice cream flavor really ruin my day?).

We all have this power. A lot of us give it away or resist owning our choices AND our emotions. This creates and perpetuates stress.

Why would I let my internal struggle keep me from the chance of getting my favorite food (🍦) ? Because my human brain avoids owning my decision, because then if I’m ultimately unhappy, it’s my fault (doesn’t feel great, does it…to have no one else to blame, lol).

We’re conditioned by our upbringing and society to give at least some of our ownership to others:

“That person hurt my feelings, this shouldn’t have happened, I deserve better”, etc.

My friends, we can greatly decrease stress & worry and improve the story of our life by taking responsibility for our choices.

Pick a flavor, decide you like it and then enjoy the heck out of the flavor you picked. Have your own back with decision making. Love whatever decision you make and trust that you are making the best decision you can IN THAT MOMENT.

You can always go back and get a different scoop tomorrow. 🍨

How would this one idea change you if you decided to always be the one picking and taking full responsbilty for your choices and emotions?

Choose with intention. Choose from love, not fear.

You can reduce your stress and worry. You can have more fun and confidence in your life. You can always know that you will enjoy whatever flavor you choose.

Message me now to get started working specifically on YOUR most pressing stressors.

You can be free of stress. All it takes is a decision.

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Tight Clothes and commitment

Discomfort is the currency of our dreams.

I tend to get stuck between the planning and the doing.

I start with an idea (I want to lose weight, I want to eat more veggies, I want to meditate every day, I want to connect with more people)…

and it seems like a great one; something that will help me grow, be good for me and totally doable.

So I say “let’s do this”.

And then my brain kicks in and I spend a LOT of time thinking about it. Too much time if you ask me.

I ponder the pros and cons, weigh the good, the bad and evaluate mentally what the risks are…

And most of the time? I don’t end up following through.

Or I start but I’m not fully committed so I let myself back off or slack off after a few days or weeks (how I know that I’m not fully committed is that I actually give up).

So I never actually accomplish my goal.

And then I get frustrated with myself, and slip into that good old blame-shame-guilt cycle.

Sounds familiar?

This is the default human condition. It happens to all of us. Until we learn how to manage it to push through our own discomfort and commit 100% to our goals.

I’ve learned to lean INTO my discomfort.

To trust myself more.
To make a decision and follow through. Whatever happens, I learn and I also further build trust in myself and my choices.

I’ve learned over time that discomfort is the currency of our dreams.

You can achieve your dreams by 2021. Just lean in.

My passion is helping women solve their stress to kick butt in their goals. Message me to get started busting through your obstacles and strengthen your confidence and self-love in the process. Drop that criticism and perfectionism and step into YOU.

Not ready yet? That’s totally cool:

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Is that my porridge Goldilocks?

Do you feel the need to be perfect before you can:
Let go
Sit down?

I used to. It still happens from time to time, is it part of who I am.

Although now that I am practicing releasing perfection and its unattainable standard on a daily basis,
I now feel more:


Funny how that happens. Even when we have the desire to do our best and give it our all. We can still have fun.

If you’re not feeling the joy because of that quest for perfection, it’s never too late to let go.

You are perfect just as you are. Right now. And worthy. And lovable.

If you want to feel more joy, have more energy, and get MORE out of your life, let’s schedule a call to see how you can grow and thrive in your life. Everything is figureoutable and nothing has to be perfect for you to feel better. I promise. Contact me and let’s get you started today.

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Blowing in the Wind

Wind blowing in my direction while running helps me run faster

Wind blowing into me slows me down

Same thing with our minds.

Thoughts flowing with us in the direction of our goals push us forward

Thoughts causing us to throw our hands up to protect us? Slow us way down

I can sometimes change direction while running to avoid running straight into the wind.
I can ALWAYS seek and find the thoughts that propel me forward.

How about you – do you feel like the wind is in your face or at your back?

When you want to have the wind constantly blowing in your direction, contact me, and let’s chat. I will show you how to get there.

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Driving Ms. Daisy’s emotions

There are a lot of terrible drivers out there.

They’re distracted, they’re not paying attention, they’re not caring that they just cut you off.

And how we do one thing is how we do everything. When you think about it that way… scary, right?

As humans we have the power of choice.

We all have the ability to engage in or avoid conflict with other people. This is never more evident than when driving.

Road rage is a great example of how people (me included) give their power away by blaming a situation or another person on how they feel and act.

This is a sign of emotional immaturity, letting our primitive or child-like emotional part of our brain run the show.

When we’re acting from emotional immaturity, we aren’t take responsibility for how we feel.

Those who choose to act rationally, even when faced with an emotional situation have a huge advantage.

This looks like a pause to contemplate a stimuli, even for a few seconds and are more likely to respond versus react, like making room for the car that pulls in front of them… and not taking it personally.

This is emotional maturity, the decision to consciously choose how to think and feel about this and any situation.

We all have the capacity for emotional maturity. To act from our evolved, adult, prefrontal cortex (our rational brain).

Sometimes we tip more toward our primitive/fight or flight responses, other times we contemplate, think deeply and choose wisely.

When driving, we’re simultaneously using both our adult and primitive brains.

We need the efficiency of our practiced, learned, automated driving and reaction skills. We also benefit from thinking and owning our emotions, especially when driving in public.

So consider this when you get in your car (or interact in public today)… who do you want running your life? The adult brain who can think intelligently and guide you or that emotional child brain who wants to react?

Our emotional brain is always there running the show. When you’re ready to feel better, be empowered with your decisions & decrease your stress and worry to allow you to feel more balanced and centered in life; message me. Let’s chat so you too can thrive.

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What it looks like to thrive

When I’m having what I consider a “rough day” it’s because I’m not being kind to myself which looks like me reacting to and raging out at the world.

My pen dropped on the floor? How dare it, it was supposed to stay on my desk!

My appointment showed up late, how could they? Don’t they know MY time is valuable?

Why don’t these people learn how to drive? They’re in my way!

Sound familiar?

Enter thought work, like I teach my clients. I’ve been doing it now for 2 years.

And the other morning I wasn’t not feeling fantastic.

And I accidentally swept a folder of papers and my pen onto the floor.

And I noticed about 2 seconds after it happened that I didn’t react.

I didn’t get upset.
I didn’t seethe internally.
I didn’t swear or yell.
I didn’t get frustrated.

I simply bent down and picked them back up.

Sounds like nothing, right?

To me, someone who grew up reacting to everything and “should-ing” everything… this is huge.

This is proof that I’ve changed.

I’ve grown.

I’m becoming who I want to be.

I keep finding these moments where “old me” would have done things differently.

And new me is the me I’m proud of.

Someone I’m loving and nurturing every day.

This is what coaching and learning to self-coach (a skill I teach all of my clients) is doing for me. It brought tears to my eyes.

It’s never too late to grow.

To thrive.

Don’t give up on yourself.

Practice love and kindness.


I believe in me and I believe in you. ❤️

You can do this.

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Years ago, I had an idea of being married to a man who adored me and having a fulfilling career as a doctor.


I have both.

I created both with my belief in myself and my goal, and these thoughts guided my choices.

Did I always get it right? Heck no. 😂

Was my path straight? Nope. 🤷‍♀️

What would your life look like if you did everything that you said you wanted to do… 🤗

Now look at what you think is holding you back.

Your power is in your choices & decisions. Create possibility.

Create space for that life you want.


Not sure how to get there? Let’s talk. 💕

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Sticks and Stones

Your husband can’t hurt your feelings.

Your kids don’t break your heart.

Your family didn’t damage you.

Everything you feel is coming from YOU.

This one idea changed my entire life.

When you understand and can appreciate that we are in control of how we see, interpret, and interact in our lives, it changes everything.

We cause our own pain, happiness, shame, joy, guilt, frustration, and confidence.

And all of it is okay.

You are not broken.

You don’t need to feel shame.

We are all human.

I can teach you the way forward. Life skills.

So you can be you, fearlessly. Stop struggling, start thriving.

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