Practice, resistance, and change

What & how you eat now is the result of practice.

If you want to eat differently, it takes practice. Whether that looks like different portions, different foods, different timing of meals – it all involves a change.

Eating out? Not a struggle when you know how to Simply Thrive

Your brain was built to love patterns… and resist change.

Once I knew this, it made my resistance fall away. I understood that there would be some awkwardness and some discomfort with any new habit I tried.

This is especially true for how, when, and why we eat. Unlike other indulgences and addictions, we can’t just stop eating like we would smoking, gambling, or drinking. We require food to live.

The drama is always optional. It comes from your brain resisting change.

I teach how to identify, shift, and implement new habits sequentially to help you stop overeating.
4 simple steps. So simple your brain might even think “it’s not enough”. That’s normal, the brain resists all change.

Once you are aware of your resistance to change, you can start allowing the discomfort.

That is the beauty of awareness, you can’t unsee it.

Practice noticing your resistance today.

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You can do it too

I go to a gym where the goal is not to compete but you grow from where you are.

I do some of my best thinking, upside down

We’re only ever competing against ourselves and we’re not pushed to do more and be more, we’re only ever encouraged to keep going and find our own inner strength.

I do this with my patients, as their autoimmune diseases cause disruption in their body and parts of themselves are attacking their organs: I encourage them to find their best health despite this disruption in their health balance.

My goal is to increase the knowledge and awareness in all people in any health so you absolutely know that you can grow in your health.

It’s always harder when you’re fighting against yourself, the solution is love and acceptance.

I teach people how to be kind and loving and excepting of who they are and where they are right now and grow from there to overcome overeating, heal emotional wounds, let go of struggle and deprivation and stress and to grow into the healthiest version of themselves.

If that sounds like a ride you want to be on, join me in Simply Thrive, where I teach you how to build emotional resilience, listen to and reconnect to your body and free yourself from your health limitations.

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Hunger pains

Is feeling hungry uncomfortable for you?

It is if you:

  • never let yourself feel hungry for at least 30-45 min
  • You “pre-eat”… “just in case” you get hungry when you’ll be away from a food source
  • You overeat if you let yourself get “too hungry” and then you eat until you feel sick
  • Hunger is an emergency for you that needs to be addressed immediately anytime it comes up

When you can allow hunger before eating it reconnects you to your body.
Letting hunger guide your eating versus eating out of a fear or avoidance of hunger is one facet of maintaining a healthy weight.

Simply Thrive teaches you all the skills you need to reconnect to your body, increase your emotional resistance and lose weight permanently. It’s not a diet, it’s a way to lose weight using healthy habits that guide you to the life, energy, and body you want.

You deserve the life you want. It’s simple. Simply Thrive.

When you trust your hunger – you can eat confidently.

Get your free guide to reconnect with your hunger and satisfaction here.

Bossy Pants

Do you ever feel like there’s a gang of bossy voices in your head… but their intent is to sabotage you?

Mine were loud yesterday.

They chanted “you deserve a treat”

They whispered “you’ve done so much… it’s time to relax”

They cajoled “you’re doing your best, why not”

They wanted relief.

They started getting loud.

They wanted food.

I heard them yelling toward the end of my 12 hour day.

I wanted to quiet them, to soothe them, to believe them.

I know, however, who and what they are.

They are me. My old thoughts. They’re part of me. I used to attempted to evict them, to ignore them, to squash them. Because they’re uncomfortable, they’re a part of me that I hide, deny and try to bury.

They’re my insecurities, my doubts, my pain. They come up when I’m tired, stressed or distracted.

When I used to ignore them until they screamed, I would give in to them.

I would stuff myself full of food to silence them.

I would eat exactly whatever was NOT what I planned because that part of me threw a tantrum.

Now? I acknowledge them. I listen to them, I ask why they’re yelling. What part of me am I ignoring, squashing and denying.

Then I love on i them I treat them like a small child who’s upset… I hug lovingly, i listen openly, and reassure acceptingly.

Then I eat what I have planned.

This is what emotional eating looks like.

You can learn to balance yourself, make friends with your feelings and eat to nourish and enjoy life while loving all of you.

Health is acceptance. Health is loving. You have health inside you. Let it out to play.

When you feel bogged down

Weight is a shackle. We are all held back by the heavy stuff, whether literally or metaphorically. My worry and anxiety weighed me down for years. It felt like a weighted vest that wouldn’t let me breathe.

We are bogged down by all of the constant input from the world, our thoughts, our friends, family, jobs, society, etc.

It can be totally overwhelming and heavy and it’s easy to let it make us feel stuck. This experience is totally normal.

What I do know is this: the more unorganized, confused, overwhelmed, and cluttered your mind is, the harder it will be for you to be organized, confident, calm and centered in your life.

This is why meditation, relaxation, exercise, and getting out in nature all help. These activities encourage letting go, only focusing on the task at hand, enjoying the moment and focusing only on what is immediately around you.

The more you hold on to the clutter, the more you are weighed down. It’s like trying to row a boat weighed down by huge boulders.

To lose physical weight, we have to be willing to release the emotional and mental clutter that we’re clinging on to and embrace our future, which is unknown. It can be scary but, from one badass warrior chick to another, we can do hard things.

Doing my best Mary Catherine Gallagher pandemic style

Let go of the clutter and everything that is weighing you down. Step into your lighter, calmer, more confident and content self. Exhale into you.

You can do this. I can help: Take 30 seconds today to just notice any clutter around you (on your desk, in your home and in your mind). Breathe into it, accept it and decide what you want to do with it. Take action and exhale. Repeat as needed.

If you want help exhaling fully and decluttering your brain  so you can lose your weight, create a healthy mindset and thrive for the rest of your life, click here to schedule a free exploration call with me.

P.S. Want to lose weight but not sure exactly how? Click here to download my free Eat to Thrive guide. It outlines exactly how to reconnect your mind and body and love yourself to your ideal weight.

Slow Down!

My mind races 100mph, usually from the time I get up in the morning.

I have so many thoughts, ideas, and things I want to do and accomplish. I feel like “there’s not enough time” to do it all.

If you’ve ever felt like this, you know in some ways it can be great (to generate ideas, to motivate you to move, to give yourself pep), but on the other hand, it can be utterly exhausting.

Especially if the underlying drive of go-go-go is motivated by lack and fear and pressure. It doesn’t feel fun.

And here’s a secret: nothing will ever be enough.

The solution is counterintuitive: slow down.

You don’t have to freeze frame, but just take a minute every so often you breathe.

Come back to the moment you’re living right now.

Ground yourself – what can you see, hear, smell, touch, and feel.

Now. Can you feel the enoughness of right now?

You’re not actually missing out. FOMO is a real fear in all of our brains.

No one is actually getting ahead of you.

When we live our lives in our heads, we tend to focus constantly on either the future (which manifests as worry and anxiety) or the past (which leads to sadness, depression and angst).

We forget about the present.

Which is a gift.

If this resonates with you, I want to invite you to slow down, be present, feel your enoughness and accept that you are totally enough RIGHT NOW. This one thing can transform your life- but only if you let it.

I used to only go slow when on wheels

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People Pleasing Liars

“Yes dear.”

I’m the one who says it most in our marriage. I freely admit it. I do it because I’m the one who prefers to avoid conflict (or a lively discussion… though that still makes me cringe internally).

I’m a recovering people pleaser. Or so I thought…

My coach recently gave me some tough love during our session.

She said “people pleasing is a lie… you’re lying about what you want in an attempt to manipulate a situation to avoid discomfort”.

It took me a few weeks to digest that one. It rocked me to my core.

This is part of what I love most about coaching.
It’s honest and loving and things like this are only said in a container that helps us grow.
I wasn’t offended, I was intrigued:
How could this be true?

So I set off to find out.
I found that I often defer to others when I haven’t really thought about what I would want. What I would like. What might upset them if I said no (even if I would rather not).

So I started experimenting. I said “no” more.

And what I found was that in saying no to someone or something else, I was saying yes to myself.

I was taking time to consider what was best for me.
Where my healthy boundary was.
Where I realized that when I said “yes” it wasn’t a resentful or partial yes, it was a resounding HELL YES. And it’s a much more fun and satisfying (and honest) way to live.

So, if this resonates with you, know that you can try this out for yourself.

There is more power in your yes or your no when it’s true for you and not trying to appease someone else.

This is especially true with eating.
Don’t say yes when you want to say no. Respect yourself, respect your boundaries and respect your health.

You’re worth it, just like I am.

Now go out there with your HELL YES and HELL NO and thrive!

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This is the ONE THING missing in your journey

Diets failed me for years.

Or rather I failed at sticking to them.

The last one I tried did help me lose weight. And I was miserable for 12 weeks. And keep cutting my calories and by the end I was dreaming about food and counting the minutes until my next “meal” (if you could even call the 300 calories that). It sucked.

I had pretty much given up. I had my exercise dialed in but I was still stressed, tired and wanting to lose my last 7 pounds.

In the meantime, I had sought out life coaching to get help with my stress and anxiety.
And as I learned to manage my mind, I noticed I wasn’t overeating as much.

And I started to lose weight.

I was feeling my feelings instead of eating them. I didn’t feel restricted or stressed about it either.

It felt like a miracle.

At the same time I was still doing macro based nutrition coaching… and I started throwing some of the tools I had learned about managing thoughts and emotions into my coaching.

And my clients results blossomed.

Pretty soon I was the coach who was transitioning people OFF macros. To more of a body and habit centered type of eating and living. It felt kinder, gentler and more loving and sustainable.

This is how The Thrive Arena was born.

I believe we can all lose weight, overcome our overeating and learn to manage our thoughts and feelings to create a life where we thrive. Without cutting out our favorite foods. Without struggling, stressing, or suffering.

It’s not your fault if diets haven’t worked for you or if you gain weight back or find yourself frustrated. You just didn’t know how to work with your mind versus fighting against it. They don’t teach this to us in school.

It’s so much more simple, fun, and relaxing to focus on your life and let the weight come off.

This is totally possible for you, it’s your turn to thrive. 💕

Download your free weight loss guide here.

Not broken

You are ok.

Right now.

You’re not broken. You’re not defective. You’re not unlovable.

You’re human.


This is the best news ever.

Now let go of the rest of your excuses and let’s create your best health. From the inside out.

Let me teach you how to do this in a simple, straightforward, and fun way.

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Your choice

Stop over complicating your health

This is a method of stalling, delaying, wallowing and indulging.

Take charge. You are in charge regardless.

Whether you decide or choose not to – a lack of deciding is still a choice.

You get to decide how healthy you are.

And you get to decide how YOU think about it.

As women, we often defer our own opinion to the many voices around us.

And we criticize ourselves the loudest.

All of these other voices will complicate what you want.

Step back for a minute.

Decide what you want.

Make a plan.

Take small actions consistently.

Move forward 1 step at a time.

Practice new things, try new foods, exercises, sleep patterns, stress-relief and relaxation techniques.

You can do this. And I am your biggest cheerleader. I’ve been you, I know you, I understand you. Make it simple and take action.

Start today.

I can help you create your healthiest life, schedule a call with me today to talk more about this. I look forward to connecting with you. Click here to schedule. Don’t see a time that works? Email me at to create your best health.

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