You are already okay

When you work, your job can become a thing you blame, avoid and despise if it doesn’t fill your cup.

Especially with this last year of upheaval, many women have found themselves burnt out, trying desperately to keep it together and find any relief.

It’s because we’re in survival mode.

And when our emotions are intense and overpowering, our creativity and rational thinking is low.

If you’re feeling the burnout, there is a simple way to reconnect, recharge, and relax.

Reconnect to you.

The job and family can wait.

Go outside, breathe deeply, feel how ok and perfect you are RIGHT NOW.

Give your brain a loving shhhhhhhh when it tries you tell you there’s no time for this moment.

Your brain is a lying liar anyway.

Recharge by finding things you enjoy. Play, laugh, talk, sit. Be present. Put responsibility to the side and focus on the moment.

Relax by getting sleep in. Winding down, unplugging. The world will not stop without you for 7-8 hours. Reach out for help. Breathe in and out and feel how loved you really are.

You can do this my friend.

If stress is keeping you stuck in overeating, Simply Thrive is the solution you’ve been searching for. Lose weight without struggle and without fear of regaining, slipping backwards or falling off the wagon. I’ve got your back. You can do this, I can help.

Why marriage = success in weight loss

When people lose their mental weight first, the physical weight loss and permanent change becomes easy.

What’s holding you back from your dream body isn’t your lack of willpower.

It’s also not your busy life, your injured knee or your boss’s spouse’s cat’s cousin that is causing your stress which makes you eat.

It’s your brain. It’s your very human and very normal brain.

In Simply Thrive, we shine a spotlight on the heavy thoughts, ideas and beliefs that are keeping you stuck where you are right now. Then you get to decide whether to keep these ideas or trade them in for productive ones that will get you to your goal.

One thought, one step, one simple habit at a time.

By marrying habits and mindset work, we clean out the excess build up to make room for the healthier beliefs. You’re just one great decision away from your healthiest life.

You can do this.

Go get it – here’s how

What’s that one thing that will move you forward?

You’re only one thought away from a completely amazing life.

Find the thought or sentence that fuels your inspiration… and get into action.

One of my favorite clients has a badass thought that works for literally everything & everyone: “I’ve got this”.

Now pick yours and GO GET IT!

Ready to create your best health? Join us today in Simply Thrive. We have live coaching every Tuesday to celebrate our wins, support ourselves through the struggles and learn together as we grow into our healthiest selves – mind, body, and soul.

This is what’s missing!

Do you ever have this nagging sense that you’re RIGHT THERE on the edge of brilliance but still missing something?

I get this ALL the time.

Coaching has helped immensely with this.
It’s shown me my brain from a neutral perspective and helped me create intentional steps forward and new ways of approaching my daily habits & how I drive deep into what exactly it is I THINK I’m missing…

Coaching has taught me how to look just slightly in a different direction to transform my whole life.

And the result was… the piece that was missing?

It was ME! 🤗

Me being present and showing up for the me that exists RIGHT NOW.

Not the future me or the past version of me.

I pay this forward by teaching people just like you how to harness this powerful perspective of living in & loving their present while planning and smashing future health goals.

It’s so much fun.

If you’re interested, I want to invite you to email me ( to learn more.

Is your self-care keeping you stuck?

Let’s talk about self care.

People think of it as fun, caring, light and fluffy. It’s not all bubble baths and massages though, my friend, and I’ve been led astray for years. Have you been too?

Spoiling yourself with kindness can be a part of it but the true magic of self-care is actually growing in a way that gives you more love and life.

It looks like this:

🌿 Holding space to love yourself on the days when you just wish everyone and everything would GO AWAY because you’re about 10 seconds away from losing your ish.

🌿 Forgiving yourself and apologizing when you lose your temper at that next person who comes at you at “the wrong time”.

🪴 Growing through your frustration, boredom, self-criticism and fear with unconditional love already inside you, just waiting to be accessed.

🪴 Developing emotional resilience so we move toward discomfort instead of avoiding it. THIS is how we grow. It’s how we heal from what we thought was “normal” growing up. This is how we expand to share the love that we are at our core. It’s simple, but not always easy.

Nature is my muse

🌺 Growth type self-care is also how we let go of overeating, over drinking, working too much, basically anything we’re doing to distract ourselves from the discomfort.

That discomfort you feel? It’s a signal telling you to pause, reflect, learn and grow. When you incorporate discomfort tolerance into your daily routine, you grow faster and more lovingly until you’re blooming with love, each and every day.

The goal of self care preached by society is indulgence, avoidance, and hiding to get relief.
Why not try on a focus of acceptance, presence, and reconnecting with your true self: the love that you are. When your cup is filled, it’s easier to share generously with others, whether that’s time, money, or love. And we all know that love makes the world go round.

I want to challenge you to see where you can grow with love to bloom a little more this week. You can do this!

Click here to download your free weight loss handout. It’s like no other and will blow your mind at how fast your body and habits change.

If you’ve devoured the free goodies and you’re ready for the real 1-2 life-changing, power-packing punch, click here to join Simply Thrive – the online health community you never knew you were dreaming of.

You can’t hate yourself healthy

If you 100% love your body already – fantastic! Keep on scrolling.

If you’re not in love and acceptance of your body… pause for a sec.
This won’t hurt, I promise.

What are you thinking about it right now?
➡️ I’ll be happy when…
➡️ My belly/thighs/arms disgust me….
➡️ I hate my body…

You can’t hate yourself healthy.

The body you have is YOURS.

It matters most what YOU think and feel about it.

Not what anyone else says. Not your mother, not your doctor, not your spouse – YOU.

Emotional health = physical health.

If you struggle with liking or caring for your body – you’re not alone and you are ok. I promise.

Find one thing you can appreciate or like about your body today.

And when those critical and judgmental thoughts come up?
Use them to learn about yourself, be kind and direct.

We take care of things we like and want, including our bodies. It just takes a small shift in your belief that it IS possible for you too.

You’ve got this.

Feeling my…leggings!

Download your free Eat to Thrive Guide here to get started. When you’re ready to let go of shame, judgment and struggle, come join us in Simply Thrive.

Practice, resistance, and change

What & how you eat now is the result of practice.

If you want to eat differently, it takes practice. Whether that looks like different portions, different foods, different timing of meals – it all involves a change.

Eating out? Not a struggle when you know how to Simply Thrive

Your brain was built to love patterns… and resist change.

Once I knew this, it made my resistance fall away. I understood that there would be some awkwardness and some discomfort with any new habit I tried.

This is especially true for how, when, and why we eat. Unlike other indulgences and addictions, we can’t just stop eating like we would smoking, gambling, or drinking. We require food to live.

The drama is always optional. It comes from your brain resisting change.

I teach how to identify, shift, and implement new habits sequentially to help you stop overeating.
4 simple steps. So simple your brain might even think “it’s not enough”. That’s normal, the brain resists all change.

Once you are aware of your resistance to change, you can start allowing the discomfort.

That is the beauty of awareness, you can’t unsee it.

Practice noticing your resistance today.

Then sign up for Simply Thrive when you’re ready to access the only 4 steps you need to stop overeating for good.

Download your free Eat to Thrive Guide today.

You can do it too

I go to a gym where the goal is not to compete but you grow from where you are.

I do some of my best thinking, upside down

We’re only ever competing against ourselves and we’re not pushed to do more and be more, we’re only ever encouraged to keep going and find our own inner strength.

I do this with my patients, as their autoimmune diseases cause disruption in their body and parts of themselves are attacking their organs: I encourage them to find their best health despite this disruption in their health balance.

My goal is to increase the knowledge and awareness in all people in any health so you absolutely know that you can grow in your health.

It’s always harder when you’re fighting against yourself, the solution is love and acceptance.

I teach people how to be kind and loving and excepting of who they are and where they are right now and grow from there to overcome overeating, heal emotional wounds, let go of struggle and deprivation and stress and to grow into the healthiest version of themselves.

If that sounds like a ride you want to be on, join me in Simply Thrive, where I teach you how to build emotional resilience, listen to and reconnect to your body and free yourself from your health limitations.

Download your free guide to reconnect to your hunger and satisfaction today.

Hunger pains

Is feeling hungry uncomfortable for you?

It is if you:

  • never let yourself feel hungry for at least 30-45 min
  • You “pre-eat”… “just in case” you get hungry when you’ll be away from a food source
  • You overeat if you let yourself get “too hungry” and then you eat until you feel sick
  • Hunger is an emergency for you that needs to be addressed immediately anytime it comes up

When you can allow hunger before eating it reconnects you to your body.
Letting hunger guide your eating versus eating out of a fear or avoidance of hunger is one facet of maintaining a healthy weight.

Simply Thrive teaches you all the skills you need to reconnect to your body, increase your emotional resistance and lose weight permanently. It’s not a diet, it’s a way to lose weight using healthy habits that guide you to the life, energy, and body you want.

You deserve the life you want. It’s simple. Simply Thrive.

When you trust your hunger – you can eat confidently.

Get your free guide to reconnect with your hunger and satisfaction here.

Bossy Pants

Do you ever feel like there’s a gang of bossy voices in your head… but their intent is to sabotage you?

Mine were loud yesterday.

They chanted “you deserve a treat”

They whispered “you’ve done so much… it’s time to relax”

They cajoled “you’re doing your best, why not”

They wanted relief.

They started getting loud.

They wanted food.

I heard them yelling toward the end of my 12 hour day.

I wanted to quiet them, to soothe them, to believe them.

I know, however, who and what they are.

They are me. My old thoughts. They’re part of me. I used to attempted to evict them, to ignore them, to squash them. Because they’re uncomfortable, they’re a part of me that I hide, deny and try to bury.

They’re my insecurities, my doubts, my pain. They come up when I’m tired, stressed or distracted.

When I used to ignore them until they screamed, I would give in to them.

I would stuff myself full of food to silence them.

I would eat exactly whatever was NOT what I planned because that part of me threw a tantrum.

Now? I acknowledge them. I listen to them, I ask why they’re yelling. What part of me am I ignoring, squashing and denying.

Then I love on i them I treat them like a small child who’s upset… I hug lovingly, i listen openly, and reassure acceptingly.

Then I eat what I have planned.

This is what emotional eating looks like.

You can learn to balance yourself, make friends with your feelings and eat to nourish and enjoy life while loving all of you.

Health is acceptance. Health is loving. You have health inside you. Let it out to play.

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