Why thoughts are scarier than tigers

Happy Monday friend. I’ve got some an important fact for you today that just may save your life:

Your brain does not know the difference between a thought and a tiger. 💥

This is why we want to decrease stress by managing our thoughts.  Today. Right now.

Any stress signal causes your body to activate your sympathetic nervous system, your cortisol goes up, your body goes into fight or flight mode, your blood vessels constrict and there are physiologic changes in your body… like inflammation, increased blood pressure, decreased immune system response…  this leads to disease over time if you’re CONSTANTLY or even REGULARLY feeling stress or worry.

This is why it is IMPERATIVE to reduce your stress level, however you decide to approach this.

You don’t even have to get rid of it all – just cut it down, by cutting it in half, you might just save your life.

If you’re not sure how to do this – reply to this email to schedule your free call with me where we will talk about your current stress and how to decrease it.

You deserve to love your life, you deserve to thrive. It will save your life.

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How I changed everyone around me

When I started working on my own mindset a few years ago, it seemed like EVERYONE ELSE in my world suddenly changed..for the better. 😳🤗

ALL of my relationships became less bumpy, communication became more straightforward, there was more room to breathe, more space, more time, more me showing up every day.

It wasn’t magic though, it was me putting in the work.

We live our lives not realizing the impact OUR moods have on others.

I know when I need to have an uncomfortable conversation, I approach it WAY differently (awkward baby giraffe anyone?) than when I’m super excited to see someone and talk to them (6 month old puppy after they haven’t seen you all day long).

Our thoughts create our moods, intentions, and the energy we show up with in our day-to-day life.

The days you feel like everyone and their mother is against you? Look within… there’s some thought or idea that YOU’RE thinking (likely subconsciously) that’s influencing this.

Feel like everyone is in love with you? Same thing – look inside at how you’re approaching your life.

It sounds kind of magical but it’s a real thing. I was skeptical about coaching for years. I thought it was total airy-fairy bs. Until I started listening to a podcast and that alone started opening my eyes. I signed up to do some deeper exploration and from then on I was hooked.

If you’re at all curious about how your life could be better, easier, healthier or even just different, let’s chat so I can help you find the path to YOUR best life.

You can feel better than you do right now and your life can be that secret dream that you have that you’re hesitant to say out loud. My friend, it’s time to GET LOUD and watch your world improve. 💕 You can do this. I can help.

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Chattering to my Ohm

I have been meditating regularly for the last 2 years.

It’s taken effort to quiet my mind, even for a few minutes.

Usually the chatter in there is literally nonstop. It doesn’t always quiet when I meditate, BUT over the last few months I have had periods of quiet! I felt what people talk about. That center. That peace.

Truthfully, I wasn’t sure I would ever get there. 😛

I always am seeking ways to grow. I love to help other people discover what they’re capable of. 😍

Don’t be afraid to try something new! And don’t get discouraged if it takes practice.

Almost 6000 minutes later, I’m finally getting the hang of this breathing and focus thing. 😂🙌🤗

Habits take time to practice. Keep going. Don’t stop. Believe that the path you’re taking is the best one for you in this moment.

If you’re seeking more quiet and calm, consider trying meditation for 3-5 minutes daily, or even just being fully present with whatever 1 thing you are currently doing.

Focus and constraint are like a muscle. They get stronger with practice. 🙌

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I second that emotion

Do you ever find yourself having an adult tantrum? Ya know, like a toddler who is tired and ready for a nap? Your brain just gets stuck and wants to rage? Yeah, me too. I think it’s part of being human.

When we avoid, resist, or react to a negative or uncomfortable emotion instead of processing it… it comes back stronger, just like a toddler having a tantrum because they’re not getting what they want.

Allowing an emotion looks like reconnecting to your body and how this emotion feels as a physical sensation in our body.

Learning to allow any and all emotions helps us respond to our lives instead of reacting with our toddler brain.

Before we can automatically seek the thoughts behind the emotion, many of us (myself included) have had to slow down to learn the basics of identifying, experiencing and then allowing each emotion.

It’s easier to start with less intense emotions or the ones that come up most commonly. When you start to feel stressed, anxious, frustrated, or even happy – pause. Reconnect with your physical body… how does this emotion FEEL (what vibrations or sensations are going on)? There are no right or wrong answers to this – emotions can be felt similarly but may be different in each person.

Once you’ve identified what the emotion feels like, name it. Identify it. Say “this is what anxiety feels like”. Both of these exercises help to put us back into thinking mode and usually lessen the intensity of the emotion.

The next step is to allow it – allow yourself to fully feel the emotion and the sensation in your body. Once we allow an emotion, it usually stays for a few minutes and then fades. More intense emotions can last longer – the important thing to remember is that they are not going to physically hurt you – they’re simply sensations that you’re feeling currently.

Last, you can be curious as to what thoughts created this emotion in your body. Once you identify the thought(s), then you can decide whether you want to keep them, change them or consider letting them go completely.

This, my friends, is the skill of processing emotion, and, with practice, it becomes easier and can help you process and conquer any fluctuations that may be holding you captive.

When you’re ready to let go of your stress, worry, and frustration so you can feel better and have more time, energy and fun in your life, message me to set up your complimentary exploration call. 🤗

Time – is it on your side?

Have you ever been curious about where time goes?

I know sometimes I have my head down, just trying to “get through” whatever it is I’m doing so I can move forward and focus on the next task afterwards.

This basically sucks the joy out of my life.

Work, home, work, home, etc.

Where’s the fun?

Once I decided to be curious about how I could incorporate more joy into my life, more fun into my day, and more presence into my activities my life bloomed.

Being fully present, focused, and constrained this year has had its challenges, thanks 2020 for throwing it ALL at me, lol.

I have found that practicing presence with each activity and only doing 1 thing a a time actually has made me more productive, has freed up more time, energy, and space in my life.

It was like a puzzle and once I had that piece – the whole picture became visible.

I’ve learned that when you head is down and you’re focused only on what is immediately in front of you, you miss the view.

When you don’t stop to smell the flowers along your run, you miss out on nature’s beauty. When you aren’t fully listening to your spouse, you miss that chance to deepen intimacy. When you are focused on getting through meals and homework with your kids, you miss the chance to connect and appreciate them as a person.

When you are thinking about how you’re going to “survive” this next work week, you time with your family, your trips to bring the kids to and from school or daycare, and you’re only focused on what you’re missing out on – you miss what you DO have. I suggest getting curious.

Ask yourself some questions:
☀️ why am I doing this thing RIGHT NOW?
☀️ Am I fully present, engaged, and focused on what I’m doing or am I letting my brain run unsupervised while I think about the 10 things I need to get done today or what I’m not going to get to or, or, or?

Most of the time when we’re not being intentional and conscious of our brain, we get bogged down with overwhelm, doubt, confusion and it’s a total drag.

If you’re not loving your day-to-day life, get curious. Ask why. Ask what your ideal day looks like and ask yourself what you could do to move closer to that vision. One small step at a time. Pick your head up and look around. ☀️

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Excess Mental Weight and how to lose it

Mental weight is the only thing standing in the way of the healthiest you.

“Mental weight“ is all that mind drama between your ears that’s constantly whispering to you in the background.

I’m talking about all of those thoughts telling you:
➡️ you’re not good enough,
➡️ you’re not worth it,
➡️ f*ck it, let’s just eat this
➡️ you’ll start tomorrow, next week, next year,
➡️ I’m too busy right
➡️ It’s too hard

These are all lies designed to keep you stuck where you are. Your brain is sneaky.

It’s also your thought “I’m trying to lose weight, I just can’t because __”.

If you’re “trying”, you’re not committed, you’re not dedicated, you’re dipping your toe into the water but letting the siren songs of doubt, overwhelm, and confusions seduce you.

Because that’s easier than facing your mental weight. These are familiar, and while you may not like them, they’re holding you hostage.

THIS is what truly holds you back from losing weight, establishing healthy habits and emotional intelligence. Your mental weight is your ball and chain.

But wait! 🤗
THIS is exactly where I can help you.
I am the expert to help you get rid of your mental weight forever. I will help you tame it, let it go and also how to use it to your advantage when it occurs.

p.s. When you’re ready to create your healthiest life from the inside out, message me and let’s talk. 🙌

p.p.s. Not ready to fully commit yet? Join my FREE Facebook group. And make sure to get on my mailing list below so you’re the first one to hear about new opportunities to grow and learn.

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Give Yourself More

Georgie Fear has had my heart since I read “Lean Habits For Lifelong Weight Loss” (if you haven’t read it and are struggling to know where to start a healthier food journey, I highly recommend it). 

 Now with her newest book, “Give Yourself More”, a joint project with K. Aleisha Fetters, I’ve fallen in love a little more, both personally and as a physician and health & mindset coach. Georgie and Aleisha write from the heart while also providing scientific support for WHY adding MORE to our lives as girls and women makes our lives fuller, better, and healthier. 

instead of shrinking and trying to create less in our never ending quest for greatness and perfection, adding MORE is the key to a balanced, emotionally full and whole life – that includes moving for FUN, processing our emotions in a healthy way, and eating to fuel our bodies. 

This book is a thoughtful, well researched step-by-step guide for those seeking to achieve the NEXT level of their health and wellness. Multiple topics are covered in depth – paying special attention to embracing the power of our minds and creating a health-focused mindset that allows for MORE in our lives – more joy, more fun, more space in opposition diet culture which demands we eat less, feel less, be less. There are in-book quizzes, questions and examples of how to create MORE of what you love in your life as you learn how to enjoy your food, move your body in a way that supports your health and add more fun to your life. 

Run, don’t walk to get this book, and then join Georgie’s free Facebook community with the same name.

Zucchini baking adventures

Looking for an easy, delicious and fun way to bake with zucchini? I got you! 🤗

Zucchini Oat Choc Chip Protein cookies

2 cups rolled oats
1 cup shredded zucchini with water squeezed out
1 mashed banana
1/2 cup nut butter
1 scoop casein protein (I used vanilla)

Bake for 9-11 minutes at 350° F until starting to crisp.
Let me know how yours turn out! 😍

Lying and the spotlight

What’s holding you back from hitting your health goals?

If you’re like me, it was LYING to myself for years.

Thinking “I might be able to lose weight, if…”

Saying “yes, I want to lose weight, but…”

Starting over every Monday, every month, setting the same tired New Year’s goal and weight goal EVERY FREAKING YEAR.

I listened to the people who told me to love myself in that moment. I listened but didn’t understand.

I feel like someone turned a giant spotlight on me about 18 months ago. And showed me ALL the ways I was failing myself ahead of time but giving up BEFORE I tried.

All it took was one small thing. Done consistently. And now I’m rocking my goals and setting new bigger ones that, honestly, take my breath away when I stop to think about them.

I KNOW you can be healthier. I KNOW you can achieve your goals. I KNOW you can stop overeating. I know this because I’ve been you. I understand you. I feel you. I can help you.

Let me drop another bomb – “someday” will NEVER come. Today is the day to move forward – you NEED to work with me when you’re ready to believe it’s possible for you!!

Let’s DO THIS. You CAN do this. Contact me to get started.



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I have a problem with judging and criticizing and perfectionism.

I judge myself hard. I constantly criticize, pretty much anything that’s not perfect. I’m a recovering perfectionist and people pleaser. It’s exhausting to try to be both.

So I made a decision about 18 months ago to work on both. And stop them.

Like most things…going cold turkey doesn’t work.

…And I judged myself for that too.

Perhaps you can relate?

We’re all human, judging and criticizing (whether ourselves or others), it’s learned human behavior.

I got coached recently on my self-judgment. I was frustrated that I still find myself reacting and swearing…and then I get irritated because I thought I had “fixed” that issue. And didn’t have to be ashamed that I act like a 5 year old sometimes. But I found myself judging it. Again.

I got coached on my intentions. And my love. And I was reminded that change takes consistency over time.

This is where coaching has been SO POWERFUL for me. I’m someone who likes to think I can know or find all the answers. That I don’t need outside help. Even when its apparent that I do.

The day after I got coached on this topic, I noticed a subtle shift.  

Things falling out of my hand, dropping food at lunch, messing up on something at work… I was lighter, calmer, more centered.

And as I took my noon walk, I realized, I’m not judging. I’m loving myself through it. Allowing myself to learn. And be in the discomfort.

I spend hours per week coaching other people on this very thing as it relates to their body and their health. And it reinforces what I do in my own life. I was humbled today, y’all. The coaching I had, at the time, I “got” what was being said, but it took some processing. And now I’m practicing. Every day. It’s been weeks and there’s more peace and compassion now where the judgment and frustration used to be.

And I know I won’t get it right every time.

But I have that choice to love myself through the discomfort, through the failure until the new practice becomes my new habit. I’m undoing 43 years of habit. It’s taking time. It’s perfectly imperfect.

I’m loving myself and growing through it.

This is exactly what coaching can do. I highly recommend it. It helps you FEEL GOOD, even when you feel bad. Even when you think you are beyond help. Even when you feel like a total failure, even when you can’t picture that future where you love yourself NO MATTER WHAT. It’s available to you. And it can be yours, so much faster and more simply by letting someone walk with you on your journey.

I’m here when you’re ready. Without judgment. With love. In a safe space for you and where you want to grow.

Have a beautiful day my friends.



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