We all have them.

Sometimes for food or specific foods (hello, ice cream my old friend, I’ve come to meet you with again).

Other times we have urges for sleep or comfort or alone time.

My urges are usually for something sweet.

I have learned to manage cravings when I bake too.

Something to soothe me.

I used to reach for sugar or a baked good.

It filled me up temporarily but then I felt guilty or empty afterwards.

Maybe you can relate?

Do you feel the urge to do something or eat something on a regular basis? If so, what do you do about it? Do you give in? 

I have recognized that my urges usually have to do with not wanting to feel something or to attempt to fill a void that doesn’t usually “need” whatever I’m craving (example when I’m tired I want to eat… which doesn’t solve my need for sleep).

I have learned to allow my urges. Do they still occur? Yes, but with less intensity and I can allow them and not react to them. If you’re overeating due to cravings or urges, this awareness can help. We talk more about it in my coaching program.

It was simple to learn to allow urges. It also wasn’t always easy.

But the secret is, if you allow the urges without responding to them, they weaken and then resolve.

Pretty neat, huh?

If you’re interested in learning how to overcome your urges – email me at info@thrivearena.com.

Have a fantastic day! 

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