Waiting for Hunger

Do you fear feeling hungry? Do you equate hunger with “hangry”? Do you feel like hunger is an emergency and should not be experienced?

I used to.

One day I practiced waiting for hunger.

It took HOURS.

I got worried. Where was my hunger? Why was I not feeling it?

I thought I was in touch with my hunger signals.

Over a few weeks, I realized that I had trained myself to attribute every stomach sensation with hunger!

This thought ruminated for a while before I accepted it. Then I had to really concentrate on what hunger felt like to me.

My brain gets hungry… my face gets hungry (aka I want food…just to want it to have something to do…or to avoid another uncomfortable emotion).

Man, this stuff is so easy to teach other people, but, sometimes, the teacher becomes the student. Mind you, I had been a nutrition coach for about a year when first I figured this all out.

I had been coaching weight loss and nutrition for 3 years before I fully embraced this concept and applied it to myself.

Crazy, right?

So I know if it was challenging for me, it could be a challenge for you too.

This concept and the concept of eating until satisfied are the two key skills that I feel are imperative to permanent weight loss.

Sure the foods you eat and the timing of those foods in addition to good hydration and quality sleep will make weight loss and weight management easier in the long run, but eating when hungry and stopping at satisfied will get the majority of people in the ballpark of their weight goals.

I also know that learning these skills takes a lot of practice and can be easier with guidance and support.

Having an accountability partner or a coach can help you acquire these skills with more precision and less trial and error.

This is where coaching can be a huge benefit!

You don’t have to feel alone. You don’t have to worry if you’re doing something right or setting yourself back.

I coach clients in a supportive, safe, non-judgemental way. Most of my clients become friends because we work together so closely to get them to their goals.

I accept clients who are serious about changing their life and making permanent changes to improve their life, their relationship with food, and themselves.

If you are ready, let me know – I’m ready for you and I believe in you! Even when you have a hard time believing in yourself.

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I believe in you, my friend, and I know you can reach your goals and thrive. If you’re tired of fighting yourself around food – now is the time to make that change. It starts with just one step!

Hey there! Let’s stay in touch.

2 thoughts on “Waiting for Hunger”

  1. This is great to know but I must have a lot of fat of the land to live off. I can go all day, maybe, days before feeling hungry but once I eat whether it’s morning noon or night I want to continue to eat till days end. How do I over come?

    1. Hi Merri! Some of the reasons for eating that much (wanting to eat for rest of day) may be the thoughts that you’re having (“I haven’t eaten all day”… “I need to get calories in”, etc).
      Are you feeling hungry when you’re eating? Is there a habit in there that has evolved over time?
      It sounds like there is thought work that is mucking up the hunger and satisfactions signals for your body/mind connection. If I eat a lot for dinner one night, I may not get hungry until mid-afternoon the next day. And yes, if you’re usually over-consuming calories, your body will be used to storing a lot of them and not feeling hungry very often.

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