Wanting a Feeling

I used to want to be thin.

Because when I was thin, everything would be EASY.

Food would be easy and effortless. Life would be amazing.

People would respect me, I would FIT IN.

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Guess what?

I’m never going to be my own definition of “thin”.

I wanted my mother’s arms and legs – slim but muscular.

I’m built like my dad – sturdy and strong.

I’ve done a lot to change and improve my body over the last 40+ years, but I’ll never be thin.

And that’s okay.

My definition of thin is not anyone else’s.

And my thoughts about what “thin” would be like? Again, all just thoughts.

Whenever we’re chasing something – it’s because we want to FEEL a certain way and we think that look, that handbag, that makeup, that hairstyle, that car, that house, that job… will make us feel….

Happy? Fulfilled? Successful? Included? Nope.

It’s all just stuff, because inevitably, we’re all just chasing a feeling.

That’s not a bad thing – it’s actually a fantastic thing if you think about it.

It actually means you don’t NEED to “get” or “achieve” to feel what you want to feel.

YOU create your own feelings – based on your thoughts.

Your sense of accomplishment is just being tied to whatever goal you have. Based on (you probably already guessed it) your thoughts.

And… as a twist, that feeling is available to you NOW… and feeling it will enable you to get to that tangible goal even faster.

Mind. Blown.

You’re welcome!

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2 thoughts on “Wanting a Feeling”

  1. Stefanie Von Flue

    Beautiful thoughts! We want what comes with “thinness”. Societal acceptance, belonging, privilege that comes from the approval of diet culture, that by being “thin”, we belong and are “allowed” to exist.

    1. Yes Stefanie – exactly – there are many layers to body size in our society. And a lot of beliefs we have are shaped by our environment. Doesn’t make them right… but some ideas seem to be much more prevalent than others. I appreciate your thoughts!! Thank you!!

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