What if… daydreams from a Sleepy Sunday

What if we all had the power to change right now?

What would you change today? What small and large changes would you make in your life if money, time, skills (or any other barriers) weren’t a factor?

Do you allow yourself to think about it? Or do you hold yourself back or tell yourself, “not now, not today, wait until xxx”.

Life is now. Right now. Our past is gone and our future is not guaranteed.

We all have power inside of us. This power starts with our thoughts and ideas.

I want to tell you that you DO have the power to change. You have the ability inside you, it’s just waiting for you to decide. Make a choice today.

Empower yourself to try something new – even if it’s something small, one little different thing.

You don’t’ even have to tell anyone – but you’ll know.

Prove to yourself that you have that ability deep inside and then see what happens. Hush to the Henchman inside, power to the choice.

Your choices are limitless my friends. You have the power within you.

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