When you feel bogged down

Weight is a shackle. We are all held back by the heavy stuff, whether literally or metaphorically. My worry and anxiety weighed me down for years. It felt like a weighted vest that wouldn’t let me breathe.

We are bogged down by all of the constant input from the world, our thoughts, our friends, family, jobs, society, etc.

It can be totally overwhelming and heavy and it’s easy to let it make us feel stuck. This experience is totally normal.

What I do know is this: the more unorganized, confused, overwhelmed, and cluttered your mind is, the harder it will be for you to be organized, confident, calm and centered in your life.

This is why meditation, relaxation, exercise, and getting out in nature all help. These activities encourage letting go, only focusing on the task at hand, enjoying the moment and focusing only on what is immediately around you.

The more you hold on to the clutter, the more you are weighed down. It’s like trying to row a boat weighed down by huge boulders.

To lose physical weight, we have to be willing to release the emotional and mental clutter that we’re clinging on to and embrace our future, which is unknown. It can be scary but, from one badass warrior chick to another, we can do hard things.

Doing my best Mary Catherine Gallagher pandemic style

Let go of the clutter and everything that is weighing you down. Step into your lighter, calmer, more confident and content self. Exhale into you.

You can do this. I can help: Take 30 seconds today to just notice any clutter around you (on your desk, in your home and in your mind). Breathe into it, accept it and decide what you want to do with it. Take action and exhale. Repeat as needed.

If you want help exhaling fully and decluttering your brain  so you can lose your weight, create a healthy mindset and thrive for the rest of your life, click here to schedule a free exploration call with me.

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