Who’s voice is that?

My inner voices like to argue. A lot. And sometimes it gets quite heated.

Before you come with the straight jacket, let me clarify, mmkay?

What I’m referring to is THAT inner voice. The one we assume is helpful and guides us. The voices of experience and reason. The voices of safety and protection.

Those voices can be super helpful.

But not when you’re trying to heal your relationship with food or yourself.

These voices don’t like to be told to sit down and shut up (then again, who DOES like that?).

So, like a kid being reprimanded, they often yell a little louder to make sure you can hear them.

Whose voice is the one in your head telling you what to do?

Do you have a negative Nelly or a Bossy Betty screaming at you when you take a step off your well worn path of sitting on the couch or overeating?

Do you have a guardian angel who whispers “you can do this” in your ear every time you have a doubt?

Or do you have the little red cartoon devil (I’m picturing Tom and Jerry if you must know) on your shoulder jumping up and down and screaming at you to STOP TRYING TO CHANGE.

Which voice is louder? Which voice you do direct your attention to? They’re both part of you… so technically you’re in control (even when it doesn’t feel like it).

Listening to your inner cheerleader is a learned habit. You can start today. Pick the voice coming from love not fear and choose your health.

Need help? I’m here and ready to help you. Contact me today to get started.

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