Whose back?

Do you have your own back in good times AND bad (like when you totally overeat)?

Or do you turn on yourself?

Every time I overate, I used it as evidence of why I’d NEVER lose weight…why I was a failure, why I would never be loved.

No wonder I wasn’t making progress.

I’ve found this is true with so many of us.

We throw ourselves under the bus and it reveals our background loop…
that subconscious muck that plays so quietly but then the volume cranks up when our conscious brain finds evidence of it.

Why not just throw out that mix tape boo?
We’re not in the 90’s anymore.

It’s time for some new tunes.

I sing to my own tune

Let yourself seek and find evidence of how ENOUGH you are, of how lovable you ALWAYS are, of how you have your own back with love, curiosity and compassion especially when bad stuff happens.

And by bad stuff, it’s always our emotions “happening”.

You can change your background music. I can show you how to develop your brain to work for you and not against you, even when things don’t go as planned.

This is the work we do in Simply Thrive and in my 1:1 coaching practice. Reach out today to connect and get started. You deserve to have your back AND love living your life. It is possible for you, you just might need to change the station. Email info@thrivearena.com to teach your brain to work FOR you, it’s so much fun!

1 thought on “Whose back?”

  1. You and I were meant to meet. I am in tears as I read this blog. I have been really struggling with my Self. How I perceive my body and how I see myself in the mirror. I have poor body image and am constantly beating myself up. I play these song on repeat in an effort to fully live myself. I feel like synchronicity is happening again and my life is about to really change in 2022. The Universe has placed you in my path. I feel like you are supposed to be my next coach. This may sound crazy, but I don’t believe in coincidence. I believe that everything is connected in some way. I want to talk to you about possibly becoming my mentor. I know I am on the cusp of something great, but I need help in getting out of my own way. Your energy feels safe. Would you consider talking to me about this?

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