Why it sucks to be human

I hate being disappointed. I guess if you don’t have any expectations, you can’t be disappointed. But is that any way to live? To never want anything of anyone, even from yourself?

When we set a goal, like weight loss, we are bound to have some disappointment along the way. Something doesn’t happen as planned, we have an off day, we repeat a habit we’re attempting to change. Life happens. Disappointment is inevitable.

But – can you let disappointment motivate you? Can you turn that frown upside down (I’m feeling kind of saucy today writing this, lol)?

The disappointment of a failed picture… can also be entertaining.

I have learned to harness disappointment. It’s an acquired skill. I can allow the disappointment to exist and determine how I can change the outcome next time. I can feel the disappointment and allow it to redirect me, to inspire me, to shift my perspective. Can you picture yourself doing this? Or at least being open to this possibility?

I realized something important today. I was holding myself back from weight loss and sabotaging myself with a sneaky thought (that’s how your thoughts creep around when you get good at cleaning them out and being aware of them).

I had fooled myself for MONTHS.

And all of a sudden today, I was focused on something else and this thought popped into my head and I saw it clearly for the first time. As a thought. And a silly one at that. But one I had believed for over a year. Ridiculous.

And in the next moment I felt disappointed. In myself.

However, I have learned to be kind, so I didn’t have any shame or blame, just recognition of my humanness.

But I was disappointed. I had to let that sit for a few minutes before I moved through it and decided to let it motivate me. I can move through this thought. It’s just a thought. It’s not the news. It’s not a fact. I can change it if I want to (heck yeah, I want to change it). I want to change what I make it mean to something that serves me better. To a story that motivates me.

So I encourage you to think about this – how can you let disappointment motivate you to improve? To change? To continue to grow?

Have a wonderful week my friends!



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