Why thoughts are scarier than tigers

Happy Monday friend. I’ve got some an important fact for you today that just may save your life:

Your brain does not know the difference between a thought and a tiger. 💥

This is why we want to decrease stress by managing our thoughts.  Today. Right now.

Any stress signal causes your body to activate your sympathetic nervous system, your cortisol goes up, your body goes into fight or flight mode, your blood vessels constrict and there are physiologic changes in your body… like inflammation, increased blood pressure, decreased immune system response…  this leads to disease over time if you’re CONSTANTLY or even REGULARLY feeling stress or worry.

This is why it is IMPERATIVE to reduce your stress level, however you decide to approach this.

You don’t even have to get rid of it all – just cut it down, by cutting it in half, you might just save your life.

If you’re not sure how to do this – reply to this email to schedule your free call with me where we will talk about your current stress and how to decrease it.

You deserve to love your life, you deserve to thrive. It will save your life.

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