Winning or Learning – which are you doing?

I’ve been afraid to fail in the past. It’s held me back from trying. And by not trying, I’ve been failing. Anytime I want something, I always have that internal fight with my brain. As I’ve grown and developed emotional maturity, I’ve learned to anticipate that resistance and move forward anyway.

When we don’t try, we fail ahead of time. When we make excuses and don’t try, we fail. When we constantly talk about moving forward but allow ourselves to stay “stuck” or pretend that we’re taking action when internally we know we’re just going through the motions, we’re also failing. We’re failing ourselves.

When we try something new or we think we have figured out the “how” in doing something and try it, sometimes we don’t succeed in our goal. We learn that that approach, that action didn’t quite work.

I tried at least 10 different diets over the years. I learned a lot of ways to lose weight that didn’t work. I kept trying. I didn’t give up. And when I learned the way that did work for me, I succeeded.

What if I had given up after 1, 2, or 5 tries? What if I just accepted the belief that I was overweight and I was doomed to be that weight or heavier forever?

If I had given up coaching when my prior company was on hiatus, I wouldn’t have learned that I could start my own business. I wouldn’t have learned ALL the very interesting (and yes, sometimes tedious) tech stuff that I need for my business. I wouldn’t have met the amazing people that I have been meeting. I wouldn’t know anything about blogging or marketing or business at all! I’ve always been a leader, but as an employee.

Do I know everything I need to know? Hell no. Just like with weight loss, I’m learning as I go. I have goals for my business. Very lofty goals. I’m still taking massive action daily to get myself to and past those first few goals.

Does it scare me? Yup.

Do I doubt myself sometimes? Yup. Do other people doubt me? Of course.

Am I winning? I’d say not yet. But I know I’m learning because I’m taking action. And I’m failing. Massively. Every dang day. It gets frustrating. It feels lonely.

I know that we all have these feelings (whether we admit them or not). We’re all human. We all bleed the same. We all feel the same ways. We all think in similar patterns. Half of our lives are not happy or positive. And that’s okay.

Do you let that stop you? Do you fail ahead of time? Or do you get up every day and take action toward the life you want? Toward the body you want? Toward the goals that create joy in your life?

Do I know everything about running a business and losing weight? Nope, not yet, but I’m taking massive action every. damn. day. to be the best version of me so I can meet you where you are to help you.

Do I know enough? Heck yeah! Can I help you lose weight and learn to love your body and your life? Without any doubt. I’m winning at learning and I’m looking forward to helping you.

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