Worthy of your Attention

I have been guilty of not feeling worthy of taking up space.

I know intellectually that this is not true. But when I am not doing or being or proving my worth, this is how I feel.

It is not a great feeling.

I’m learning to be ok with existing. Just existing. I am worthy because I exist.

Did you know that you are worthy? Simply because you exist. A lie about your worthiness may be influencing how you live. How you show up. How you respect yourself. How you treat yourself and others.

Do you believe that you are worthy? That other people are worthy? We all are.

Don’t mistake worth for responsibility. We are all 100% responsible for our actions, or feelings, our thoughts.
We are also all 100% worthy of taking up space.

Are you ready to accept your worthiness and grow? Start today. See what happens.

I want to hear from you – like and comment below. When do you feel you are most worthy?



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