You are a Star

Did you ever dream of being famous?

I sure did. I used to watch Star Search and those talent shows (yes, I’m showing my age here… I like to think of it as maturity). I daydreamed about singing on stage with a fancy costume, hair, and makeup. Everyone would know my name.

Then I grew up. Le sigh. My dreams changed but I always kept that spirit of wanting more, wanting to entertain, alight smiles, and be somebody.

A few years ago, I realized that I had, in fact, achieved all of my dreams that I had set for myself around middle school age. I had a career that I loved, I had a beautiful family, a lovely home, a sexy husband (who does the dishes… yes, I’m bragging, but he’s mine so back off).

Then I hit a lull. I wondered again about what drives us forward other than necessity (food, shelter, Netflix). I realized that I had completed a stage in my life and I had to evolve.

I set new goals, bigger dreams, moved forward. But some of those dreams felt shallow, uncertain. I realized it was because they were self-focused. While I wanted to grow, I have always wanted something bigger than me. A legacy, a life that helps to touch and transform others. To pay things forward with love and kindness. Volunteering has always been part of my life, I continue this even today.

I now know that we all have a star inside of us. It just needs focus and nurturing.

When we find our purpose in life, we can’t contain it.

Working on that selfie with timer

It bursts forth from us.

I know how to teach people to optimize their health. I want to shout it from the rooftops. It excites me and fills me with passion.

My clients and patients know this – they can see it (and I know because they tell me).

My greatest joy in life is teaching other people how to overcome the obstacles that are holding them back from being their healthiest – in mind, body, and spirit, whatever that means to them.

This is my gift. I want to give it to you. Please let me teach and inspire you. For I want to teach these gifts and have you pay them forward so we can create a healthier world, together.

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