You can’t hate yourself healthy

If you 100% love your body already – fantastic! Keep on scrolling.

If you’re not in love and acceptance of your body… pause for a sec.
This won’t hurt, I promise.

What are you thinking about it right now?
➡️ I’ll be happy when…
➡️ My belly/thighs/arms disgust me….
➡️ I hate my body…

You can’t hate yourself healthy.

The body you have is YOURS.

It matters most what YOU think and feel about it.

Not what anyone else says. Not your mother, not your doctor, not your spouse – YOU.

Emotional health = physical health.

If you struggle with liking or caring for your body – you’re not alone and you are ok. I promise.

Find one thing you can appreciate or like about your body today.

And when those critical and judgmental thoughts come up?
Use them to learn about yourself, be kind and direct.

We take care of things we like and want, including our bodies. It just takes a small shift in your belief that it IS possible for you too.

You’ve got this.

Feeling my…leggings!

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