Your adrenal glands are on vacation?

Have you been diagnosed with or self-diagnosed with adrenal fatigue? Do you know that it’s a made-up diagnosis? That it doesn’t exist? And if you were diagnosed with it, you’re actually being treated with COMMON SENSE?
I wish I was kidding. If your adrenal glands weren’t producing enough steroid – you’d be dead or in a coma. If you hackles are coming up – either you’re making a profit off this “diagnosis” or you’re resisting the circumstance that this is a “lifestyle” diagnosis – your LIFESTYLE is causing you stress and it’s wearing you DOWN because you’ve been IGNORING your body. This is the opposite of thriving in life. 
If you’re feeling worn down, tired, stressed out (likely you were stressing your body and brain, right?), and just generally gross – guess what – you weren’t taking care of your body and it’s SCREAMING AT YOU TO SLOW DOWN. Overeating? Overexercising? Overworking? Overthinking?
And how is this “adrenal fatigue” entity treated? Whole food nutrition (who would have thunk – fruits and vegetables, lean protein, whole food starches, healthy fats), sleep, REST/meditation, hydration, and vitamins to support all of the above? What? And you may be paying for some supplement that your healthcare provider sold you for cash, right? Because it’s going to “support” your adrenal glands (that were functioning just fine previously thank you very much).
There are few things that get me this riled up. But this “diagnosis” really butters my biscuits. I see patients EVERY DAY that are worn down, tired, stressed, and feel like poop. And guess what – this stress can affect your body, it can be a contributing factor to autoimmune disease. Where your own immune system starts attacking YOU. And then they end up in my office. Sometimes with disease, sometimes (luckily) not. And let me be clear – the autoimmune diseases that I see have a multitude of causes, stress is just one of them. I would never wish any of these diseases on anyone.

When you have symptoms of fatigue and stress and you feel worn out, most likely you are not listening to what your body needs. It likely isn’t your fault either. In our fast-paced world, moving slowly, methodically and taking care of yourself can seem selfish, useless, or wasteful. If you knew that your lifestyle could shorten your life or cause you a chronic disease – would you change it now? Before it’s too late?

For your own health – I implore you… SLOW DOWN. Listen to your body. Trust it, for once. It’s trying to tell you something. Maybe you need sleep, maybe you need a vacation, maybe you need to feed it better quality foods, maybe you just need to stop. Breathe in and out. Stop running away from yourself.

Your brain is likely constantly racing, constantly searching, always on go mode. Sound familiar?

However you decide to choose to thrive and improve your life – realize that it is YOUR choice. Whatever you decide to call your stress — you have the power to improve it. This starts and ends with you. And I can tell you that I want you to take care of yourself. We all take our health for granted. Until we wake up and it’s gone.

You deserve to be healthy. You deserve to be happy. You deserve to thrive.

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